I’ve discounted a few of my prices for the time being. I have some moving expenses coming up that I’m worried I won’t be able to pay completely, so commissions would be appreciated!

Feel free to specify which style or medium you’d like. If you don’t particularly care, I’ll choose what I think will work best. Plenty of examples can be found in my gallery

 I can draw just about anything (including gore and erotica). I may, however reject anything that I find uncomfortable (Totally sorry about that.).

You are allowed one free small pet character or something similar. I will not charge an additional character fee for something simple (like a Pikachu or a domestic cat).

- All prices are USD. All transactions must be completed through Paypal.

Receiving your commission
- Because I work primarily with traditional media, you have the option to have the original piece shipped to you. It will cost $5 within the continental US and $11 everywhere else. If you just want the digital copy, I can send you a hi-res version. I can also hold onto the original in case you’d like me to ship it later on.
- Unfortunately, I will only be able to refund the shipping cost should your package get lot in the mail or arrive damaged.
- I will ask your permission before uploading the drawing publicly.

Also, I’ll include a small doodle with every physically shipped transaction as a bonus gift (Either you can request a specific thing, or I’ll select something I think you might like.).

If you’re interested, send me a note, either on tumblr, DA or an e-mail (tghitchcock(at)gmail(dot)com).

Reblogging this here for the people who follow this blog and like my drawings. Haha.